Friday, February 26, 2016

PBR Book Club Goes Normcore; or, Organization is So Hip!

PBR Book Club has gotten so organized, what is evening happening?!

This February we tried something new and crazy — Nog and I brainstormed some future picks in advance, and then we all discussed them calmly and collectively at the Tap as a group, arriving at a consensus for April and May picks. I know.

PBR Book Clubbers: this living list lives here for you to check out at any time. Hit me up with ideas for anything you wanna add, and if it's a good fit to be a contender for us, I'll add it. Then, every month, we can choose from the pool of options after we're all drunk on PBR.

We're also making an effort to be more inclusive with our picks this year, so that's exciting too.

high five,
your fearless co-captain, Smalls

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  1. Students need to realize that books are some of the best things to read. I feel like students refuse to read books these days because they are "boring". Those students then turn to "spark notes" to get the information that they need to finish that assignment for the day.