Monday, September 7, 2015

September Selection: Jonathan Franzen's Purity

Surely it was inevitable that we read Jonathan Franzen at some point and spend an evening YELLING about why he's considered by many to be America's greatest living novelist and whether he really hates women or whether he just plain hates everyone (and Twitter) and whether he's perhaps misunderstood and is actually just a gentle birdwatcher who possesses "the Olympian yet tender irony" of Trollope (though I'm wagering none of know much about Trollope and my friend who is a Trollope scholar refuses to read Franzen again).

Franzen speaks in KC on Sept. 16.  There are extra tickets floating around within the book club for people who want to carpool.

Our discussion, as usual, is on the last Tuesday of the month at Eighth Street Taproom.