Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May Selection and Meeting/Skype Announcement: Jeff Jackson's Mira Corpora

After a few months of mainstream and often-divisive selections, May marks a return to the small presses: Jeff Jackson's Mira Corpora, published by Two Dollar Radio.  We're excited to be interacting with Jackson on Twitter (@DeathOfLit)and Skyping with him at the next meeting, which is (presumably) Tuesday, May 25 at the Tap.  Damn, that's soon! But the book is short and The Raven ordered a few extra copies for us.

Check out Jackson's website here for some tantalizing Mira Corpora reviews, including this blurb from none other than Mr...Don DeLillo: "I hope the book finds the serious readers who are out there waiting for this kind of fiction to hit them in the face.”