Sunday, January 31, 2016

February Selection: H is for Hawk

What??  A memoir?  Does this mark the first time PBR Book Club has tackled this venerable genre?  Well, that depends on how you define our pal McClanahan's Crapalachia, which ended with a meta-admission that the author had manufactured much of its memoir-ness.

At any rate, February's read is Helen Macdonald's much-praised "H is for Hawk."   The New Yorker review says the book is "one part grief memoir, one part guide to raptors, and one part biography of T. H. White, who chronicled his maiden effort at falconry in “The Goshawk,” written just before he began work on 'The Once and Future King.'"

Perhaps we can get one of Kansas' 50 licensed falconers to come and chat with us?  Or at least get the film club back together for a screening of Ladyhawke.

See you at the Tap for H is for Hawk (and remember that PBR, as always, is for Pabst Blue Ribbon).

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