Saturday, July 19, 2014

July Selection: J. Robert Lennon's Mailman

Yes, we still exist in LFK.  We just don't blog much.  This month's selection is J. Robert Lennon's corrosive 2003 novel Mailman, chosen by Punnilingus.  It's not exactly easy to locate, but it's worth the hassle to order.  Presumably the meeting is the 28th?

If you can't find the book, follow @punnilingus on Twitter. He's been tweeting a nice selection of great lines from the book.

 "There's a cluster of old Volvos to which sandy-haired, large-hipped women are affixing enormous crinoline tutus." 

"She's probably in California, which is where he guesses women with looms go to live"

 "They'd have a good laugh about it, & he'd take her home and they'd do it on his cot."

We think Lennon will be back in LFK this fall to do stuff with the library and hang out with us as well. 

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