Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yes, There Will Be Homework

Tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. we convene at the Tap for a pretentious literary discussion about Ernest Cline's Ready Player One. PBR Book Club has big shoes to fill as "the precursor of the synthesis of extrainstitutional intellectualism," and that's why I'm assigning you homework:

  • What's one person, event, or issue that you want to make sure we address? Of all the burning questions you're dying to ask, pick just one.

  • Obvi, RP1 is loaded with retro pop culture references. What pop-culture relic did Cline miss (or gloss over) that you'd argue to put in a major scene?

  • Would you recommend this book to your mom (or zombie mom)? Why or why not?

See you at 8:30 tomorrow night, ready to chat! I hear it helps to skim the first and last chapters right before you come. Your answers will be graded.

The Minister of Inquiry

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  1. gonna be a bit late, but will be prepared(ish) to report for my hw.