Monday, December 5, 2011

Ready Playlist One

Not confined to the 80's but centered on it. Reaches back before and after some, like the book. Two disks:

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  1. Some comments about local ties ... Carrier is a cool band that local Kliph Scurlock played drums on as I recall - this is from a demo he handed me and I just loved this cut from the first listen. Kliph was an integral part of the local scene, playing in bands from Slackjaw to Kill Creek to Panel Donor. He is currently with the Flaming Lips.

    Pamper the Madman was a Kansas City band with a charismatic front woman and players with great chops that played in Lawrence now and then - a really fun band live.

    Lori Wray is a wonderful singer-songwriter I had the pleasure to work with for a while a few years ago doing indie pop for a bit. She left Lawrence in the 80's and established herself in the Minneapolis scene for a good many years before returning to Lawrence with her husband not too long ago. This is from one of her cd's.

    Coyote Ugly is a prior incarnation of my current honky-tonk band Cryin' Out Loud. It included (includes) former members of local punksters and alt rockers The Micronotz and Get Smart!. This beautiful song "For You" is, in turn, by a friend of Marc's from Chicago, Jeff Lescher, from the band "Green" and we cover it with his blessing. Marc and Jeff in turn auditioned him and jammed with him, respectively - him being Jim Ellison of the incredible Chicago act Material Issue, which, in turn, is also included in the mix.

    Freedy Johnston spent his college years and then some here in Lawrence before moving to NYC to enjoy success and was a fun part of the local music scene before he left. I remember jamming with him above the only recently defunct Penny Annie's downtown on the northwest corner of 9th & Mass. He has many gems in the albums he's released since his move to NYC.

    Another truly fun (but younger at the time, less-formed) drummer that I've had the pleasure of being in a band with is Tony Marlotti, a one point a cook at beloved Paradise Cafe and later Herbivores, who left Lawrence to play bass for Urge Overkill for a while, including a show at KJHK's Day on the Green Hill (or whatever it was called that year) that he played with a broken leg.