Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Selection: Octavia Butler's The Parable of the Sower

"Butler's prose, always pared back to the bone, delineates the painful paradoxes of metamorphosis with compelling precision. In 1993, she published Parable of the Sower, a chronicle of low-rise dystopia set in the southern California suburbs of 2024."  (from The Guardian)

Remember when these posts were written by the people who chose the books? That probably made more sense.  Anyway, October's selection is Octavia Butler's 1993 The Parable of the Sower, so prepare to get your dystopia on once again!  It's the first in a two-part series by the legendary sci-fi writer, so perhaps we'll all get hooked and read both (although most members are currently engrossed in Elena Ferrante's four-book Neapolitan series).  Read those too.  And maybe that new Atwood novel about the sex-robots.

Unfamiliar with Butler's career?  Her New York Times obituary offers a good assessment of her life-and-work, including a list of "dystopian" jobs she once held, such as "potato chips inspector."

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