Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love for Americanah

Once again I am introduced via this book club a new gateway into an author later in the game, in this case I believe is her third major work "Americanah", in which Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie tells a converging story of class struggle and cultural life in an ever changing Nigeria during her upbringing as she reflects while preparing to return to Nigeria after many years and great personal evolution in America and her exposure to an entirely window on race relations than she knew in Nigeria and that many of us don't quite always think about.

Yes, that's my on the fly one paragraph review, other than to simply add that her writing is exquisite:  humorous and wry and poignant and very knowing. Like most excellent writers I truly enjoy, she intimately understands how our minds work and the dialog and character situations that flow from that insight and the ability to translate it into literature is delightful beyond belief. Do yourself a favor and carry this book around with you but don't leave it lying around or someone might take it, that's how much curiosity it evoked in my travels with it. 

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