Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014: Booze Cruise or Bust

Hi, you beautiful book nerds,

It's 2014! I can't believe PBR Book Club started in 2011, and that it's still going strong.  Soon we're going to have start renting out a venue and talking about the book speed-dating style.

Our next meeting to discuss The Good Lord Bird is Tuesday, January 28 at the Taproom.  Let's also take care of some housekeeping at that meeting and talk about what we want for the rest of the year.  Now that there are 20+ sometimes book clubbers, things have gotten a little more complex.

Here's one idea to marinate on for the next two weeks:  everyone who wants to pick a book this year could stake out their month when we meet on January 28.  When your month is coming up, post here (or contact me or Nog) to let us know what book we're reading and where you want to meet.  I'm in favor of keeping the meeting time on the last Tuesday of the month.

Let's discuss on the 28th and see what y'all think of that plan.  (There's also been a rumor that 2014 will be the year of the PBR Book Club Booze Cruise on Clinton Lake...[!] )  See you all soon!

With love,
Your co-chief, Bananasuit

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