Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Russians of PBR Book Club

New PBR Book Club drinking game: shotgun a PBR every time one of our books introduces a new Russian character!  So far we've read 22 books, and holy Russians, Batman, we have disproportionate representation. We must really like Russians. Or at least Russian jokes.

The Goldfinch:
  • Boris
  • Mr. Pavlikovsky

The Worst Hard Time:
  • Catherine the Great
  • The Volga Germans

  • "The Russians"

City of Thieves:
  • Lev
  • Kolya
  • Everyone else

  • Misha
  • Alyosha Bob
  • Jerry Shteynfarb
  • Everyone else

Help me out, PBR Book Club -- who am I missing?

(Other books we've read: House of Leaves, Crapalachia, Rontel, Tenth of December, Faulkner February, Lost At Sea, Under the Skin, Telegraph Avenue, The Sugar Frosted Nutsack, 2666, Cataclysm Baby, A Very Minor Prophet, No One Belongs Here More Than You, 1Q84, Ready Player One, Real World, Cloud Atlas)

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