Friday, October 18, 2013

October Meet-Up Details: Oct. 29 at 8:00 pm at Henry T's (and Henry T's Cemetery).

Our next meeting approaches and Courtbelle is in charge of this month's spooky hijinks.  Early ideas fell apart (Liberty Hall won't let us meet in their labyrinthine underground lair, which contains a live minotaur; the most haunted room at the Eldridge was already reserved for the night--likely by some Satanic cult; and the prospect of traffic from the first home basketball game--and the heavy police presence that goes with it-- scared us away from meeting in KU's Pioneer Cemetery).'s the new plan, via Courtbelle:

"Once again a good idea is thwarted by basketball. Due to the general panic a night game can cause, we will be meeting at Henry T's. For those who don't know, there is a private cemetery RIGHT IN THEIR PARKING LOT. In fact the bar is named after a fellow who lies there. The owner seemed quite amused that we can read books and drink at the same time. So show up at 8:00 with a flashlight, a beer, and maybe a chair. The owner will start saving us a table inside at 8:30-ish. So we still have time outside for honest book chat before we go in (where it may be loud).

When you arrive at Henry T's, 3520 West 6th Street, look toward the back of the parking lot near the car wash. Sure enough, you'll see a fenced in little clump of head stones. See you there."

Here's a bit of history on the cemetery via Henry's T's website, though at least some of it is likely false (Jesse James being part of the Raid on Lawrence).

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