Saturday, June 22, 2013

DeLillo/Underworld Meeting, Vol. I: Wednesday, June 26 At Frank's

Our first of two summer meetings on DeLillo's Underworld is slated for Wednesday, June 26 at Franks.

Items to discuss:  baseball, chess, crowds, the Cold War, garbage, bowel movements in Russia, whether or not Gorbachev's birthmark is actually a map, whether or not Greenland in fact exists, more baseball, the Texas Highway Killer, Brueghel's Triumph of Death, art in general, and whether or not DeLillo's detractors are correct in their assertion that DeLillo is too cool and clinical and his novels lack heart (we say no).  But will Karen find the love in this book?

"Light up a Lucky.  It's light-up time."

See you at Frank's.  Too bad we can't convince DeLillo to Skype with us.


  1. You meant June 26th, right?

  2. It's corrected! In the summer, I don't even know what month it is.

  3. In the early twentieth century, in his series of lectures entitled Pragmatism, the philosopher and psychologist William James advanced the thesis that, broadly speaking, people can be separated into two general categories of personality – tough minded and tender minded.