Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Karen's quick and dirty review of Rontel

Although I was unable to sext with the author like @knsstsx, an ecstatic yes, yes, YES to our new book Rontel by Sam Pink.

As we listen to internal dialogue, we follow the main character through two feverishly sweltry hot days of summer in the streets, stores, thrifts, and apartments of Chicago.

The book starts off slow and self-loathing, but a complex character surfaces who is difficult to stereotype. The weather is a metaphor for a personality which is hot, temperamental, unpredictable. And let's talk about love. I loved my time with this character. He both loves humanity and is indifferent to it. He is both compassionate and intolerant.

Is this a novel or short story?  Who cares.  Give me more of Sam Pink.

My cover looks like this, so I was surprised when I learned that Rontel was the character's beloved cat

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