Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vinyl Records and Telegraph Avenue

Warning: Post contains spoilers.

From Buzzfeed: The Most Hipster Hipster You'll Ever See, "This guy has got to be the king of all hipsters. He's trying way too hard, but I think he's trying too hard ironically, so….Behold your King: "

Vintage threads, skinny jeans, a stack of vinyl at the ready, a portable turntable, oversized headphones, and a disinterested hipster girlfriend? That's it. Game over. He won.
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It's been nice weather, so many PBR book clubbers are reading our latest book, Telegraph Avenue, on front porches.  The cover art shows a vinyl record with chapter titles that look like song titles.   I had high hopes for the coolness of this book when reading the beginning pages where the setting is a local record store specializing in vintage vinyl.  How would this store compare to LFK's own record store the Love Garden, with its cats and old Pizza Hut sign? Or Nick Spacek's engaging talk about his love of record collecting at Nerd Nite?  Disappointingly, the book doesn't explore the record business or record collecting to its potential. The book's record store, Brokeland, is more a vehicle for male banter and reflection as people loiter in the store.

It makes sense that Brokeland eventually turns to a more financially responsible decision of exclusive online selling of records.  Although national record sales are up, many collectors are buying records online though forums and other online sites.  According to a recent report from eBay, people sell more than three million vinyl records each year on eBay. Some online sites have steady sales of collectible records that are worth thousands of dollars.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy
Autographed by Lennon five hours before he was shot, sold for $150,000
This record is considered the most highly collectable album

Jack White's liquid album sold on Record Store Day
Unfortunately, the liquid in the record leaks
Practically all the vinyl pressed today are small boutique pressings

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