Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PBR Book Club's Sweaty Nutsack Pedal Hopper Adventure: Monday, Aug. 27

I'm truly not sure how this pedal hopper idea came about, but hopefully it will get us in the Guinness Book of World Records for "Weirdest book club meeting ever."   Meet at South Park at 7:45 next Monday to sign waivers (presumably in case we're run over by the T) and board the hopper for an evening of intellectual discussion (while pedaling), Sunkist swilling, and pub-crawling.  Here are the (complicated) details via Courtneybelle:

"We need to meet up on Monday the 27th at 8 p.m. at South Park, on the side with the playground equipment. I'm hoping the Pedal Hopper will be obvious.  

Any alcohol we bring needs to be in non-alcaholic containers, like two liters or coffee thermoses. NO actual cans or bottles of beer or liquor can come with us. No booze labels. To this end, they recommend mixed drinks, since beer might not travel well in those conditions. They provide cups. I'll bring water, ice, and a cooler for whatever concoctions you all decide to bring. The pedal Hopper should or can stop at three bars, which we can sort out with the driver when we get there.

We have 16 spots total, so please let me, @courtbelle, know that you are planning to join us."
Find some Pedal Hopper info over here at the official site.


  1. Think of the photo opportunities! I'll take pics for us of course.

  2. Any regular book clubbers are encouraged to shell out to help Courtneybelle cover the cost! My favorite part is that we're doing this on a Monday.