Monday, July 2, 2012

Karen tries to keep track of the characters

Belano wrote "2666" with intense focus on characters. Development is not formulaic; characters are revealed to us in a variety of different ways.  Sometimes we have total immersion to the characters.  Other times, as with layers of the skin of an onion,  the characters are initially introduced with minimal information, but develop as the chapter progresses or as they are presented again in a later part of the book.  We gain information about characters through internal dialogue, as well as how others see them, and by impartial narrative. 

As I was trying to keep track of characters, I was happy to see someone named Brooks, who writes a blog for his book club,  took the time to document the characters of "2666" for its members.  It's also good to know that there are other people in book clubs that are also blogging about their books with the same  nerdy diligence as members of our PBR Book Club. 
Although his blog post is a work in progress, I am impressed with his organization, tenacity, and attention to detail, such as documenting historical people including poets and artists mentioned in Book one.  He created a timeline for the first book, and has created a list of victims for the fourth book. 
 See here:

I think I might just contact Brooks and let him know what a good job he did. 

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