Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Hip-Hop Mix for Misha & Alyosha-Bob

In the opening pages of Absurdistan, Misha tells us a little about his favorite hobby:
"Alyosha-Bob and I have an interesting hobby that we indulge whenever possible. We think of ourselves as the Gentlemen Who Like to Rap. Our oeuvre stretches from the old-school jams of Ice Cube, Ice-T, and Public Enemy to the sensuous contemporary rhythms of ghetto tech, a hybrid of Miami bass, Chicago ghetto tracks, and Detroit electronica. The modern reader may be familiar with "Ass-N-Titties" by DJ Assault, perhaps the seminal work of the genre."
Making this hip-hop mix for you, PBR Book Club, was the most fun ever! To honor Misha and Alyosha-Bob, I disciplined myself to stay away from political and conscious raps and instead piled on the ghetto tech. "Ass-N-Titties," of course, is on the mix. And: plenty of old-school.

Track List (* = mentioned in the book):
  • 1. Salt-n-Pepa: "I Like to Party"
  • 2. Lil' Kim: "Big Momma Thang"
  • 3. * Mr. FReDeRiCK: "Dick Work"
  • 4. Notorious B.I.G.: "One More Chance"
  • 5. Ol' Dirty Bastard: "Got Your Money"
  • 6. * DJ Assault: "Ass-N-Titties"
  • 7. Clipse: "Dirty Money"
  • 8. * Ice Cube: "Look Who's Burnin'"
  • 9. DJ Funk: "Every Freakin Night"
  • 10. * Ice-T: "What About Sex?"
  • 11. Tupac: "What'z Ya Phone No."
  • 12. LL Cool J: "Back Seat"
  • 13. Boogie Down Productions: "Super Ho"
  • 14. Peaches: "Set It Off"
  • 15. Eric B. and Rakim: "Paid In Full"
  • 16. Nas: "N.Y. State of Mind"
  • 17. Notorious B.I.G.: "Juicy"
  • 18. Boris S.: "Don't You Wanna Pussy Ride"
If you didn't get a mix cd yet and you want one, let me know! Also, the sound quality of those already out there might be kind of sketchy. Will totally burn you a new one if you ask.

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