Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bananasuit, a Lowly Level 3 With No XP, has Found Her Favorite Quote

"I watched a lot of YouTube videos of cute geeky girls playing '80s cover tunes on ukeleles. Technically, this wasn't part of my research, but I had a serious cute-geeky-girls-playing-ukeleles fetish that I can neither explain nor defend." - p 60ish

What would a great book be without some kind of weird girl fetish, am I right? Ukeleles = totally crushworthy. And now, back to the Liches and Mayan doomsday prophecies.


  1. Haha. I marked this quote carefully in my notes (then forgot to use it in my first post). Glad you blogged it for posterity!

  2. I thought it was funny because in some circles (in hipster music stores for example) we are already "if one more person comes in and wants to buy a ukulele to build a band around I'm going to blow my brains out!" so therefore in RP1's timeline the uke phase is so much an anachronism of the past that it's nerdy to be in hipster love with it again.

    Having said that I love our local Suzi ukeist and I lauded Merrill's use of her uke in my Jackpot Tune-Yards review recently. I wish I still had my dad's little red uke I learned to play when I was tiny but bigger than a toddler.

  3. Steve, you must bring a ukelele to our next book club meeting!