Saturday, October 1, 2011

After Democracy Fails, the PBR Book Club Switches It Up

Scenesters, let this be a lesson to us all in the failures of democracy and consensus building. We collectively fell for the hip title and the aesthetically pleasing book jacket design -- and were collectively let down by the first sentence of this sensitive 600 pp. coming of age tale: "Kate turned to check the darkening clouds and the white arc of her throat looked long like the neck of a preening swan."

Tonight I'm making the executive decision to chuck Anthropology of an American Girl out the window, and invite all of you to channel your hipster rage into Natsuo Kirino's tale of murderous Japanese teenagers, instead. 'Bloated self-indulgent cliches' be damned; ready yourselves for some Heathers meets Natural Born Killers action in October's new pick: Real World! I'm stoked for the beer-induced discussions we're bound to have about violence and class warfare, and for us to write our own 'cool' and 'incomprehensible' PBR Book Club manifesto.

So don't be mad that you spent an extra $15 on Anthropology, and instead get excited that this month's new pick is only 200 pages long. We scenesters may enjoy pretentious postmodern literature, but we're also pretty lazy. (This will give me way more time to catch up on Breaking Bad.) See you at our tentative time & place, 8:30 p.m. October 27th at the Replay!

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