Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bananasuit, on Liking Frobisher In Spite Of Herself

Courtneybelle is a genius -- Frobisher is totally a 1930s Euro hipster.

So guys, Frobisher's just making up his exploits to make Sixsmith jealous, right? We must discuss over PBRs.

And I agree -- despite my best efforts to dislike the cad, Frobisher's just too hilarious and lovable. My favorite scene is just after he sells the rare books (&c.) to Jansch and exclaims "Sweet bird of solvency," then blows his wad on new spats, a sharkskin cigarette box, and beers. Adorable. And he slays me with his truisms: "Whoever opined, 'Money can't buy you happiness,' obviously had far too much of the stuff.'" So true!

Other glimmerings of doubles & pairings: Jansch calls Frobisher "a naughty goose who lays such illuminated eggs." Are we to infer parallels between Frobisher and Dr. Goose of the Thomas Ewing journals?

And fellow readers, I hope you appreciate the restraint I'm exercising in order not to discuss feminism in the context of Mrs. Crommelyncks and equestrian transformation motifs in The Mabinogian & Ukrainian folklore. Can't wait to meet Luisa Rey in section three!

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  1. Didn't catch the goose reference at all, but Frobisher is definitely paralleled in later characters.

    Contemporary scenesters could learn much from his distinction between "idlers" and "sluggards."